ProGsterol is a nutritional supplement composed of edible peptides called deglusterol, including Adiporin and Deobetide that synthetically produced by modeling of herbal protein content. ProGsterol is a dietary supplement which is used for prediabetic and type 2 diabetic patients in order to decrease blood sugar levels through different mechanisms.

Deglusterol is Registered as NDI in the US FDA

Support Maintaining Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

For Pre-diabetic & Type II Diabetic Patients

Only One Sachet Per Day

Due to the impressive effectiveness of ProGsterol on decreasing blood sugar levels and great therapeutic effect concluded from conducted clinical trials of proGsterol, FDA has been convinced to approve proGsterol as the first dietary supplement.

Deglusterol peptides lower blood sugar levels immediately thirty minutes after intake. Furthermore, this supplement reduces HbAlC which has an important role in control of diabetes complications. In addition to reducing blood sugar, HbAlC, and C peptide, proGsterol can improve lipid profile and helps to lose weight.

Daily intake of one sachet of this dietary supplement results in fasting blood sugar and 2-hour blood glucose reduction to 70-99 mg/dl and lower than 140 mg/dI respectively.

Carried out clinical trials did not report any side effects of proGsterol.

Hypoglycemia is a widely encountered and sometimes life-threatening trouble caused by medicines in treatment of diabetes. One of great advantages of proGsterol is the absence of hypoglycemia.

Sensitivity to gastric acid is always a big challenge for peptide manufacturing as oral dosage forms but nonetheless, proGsterol with special technology of double-layer capsulation can protect amino acids from gastric acid. This technology enables the peptides to be consumed orally.

Our product improves insulin resistance by phosphorylation and inactivation of inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-α, JNK, IRS 302, and NF-kB. It increased phosphorylation and activation of IRS Tyr632, PI3k/AKT and AMPK and expression of adiponectin, leptin, IRS-1, and GLUT-4.

  • One sachet per day can be taken in complete comfort through dissolving the powder in water or other beverages such as coffee, soda, and so on.