At Vira Rahesh Pharmaceutical Co., our Pharmacovigilance department is committed to ensuring the safety of our products in accordance with ICH E2 guideline. We monitor and assess adverse effects, guaranteeing the highest quality and efficacy standards. With a focus on patient well-being, we proactively manage risks, conduct thorough analyses, and collaborate globally to provide reliable, safe, and life-enhancing pharmaceuticals.

Pharmacovigilance is process of surveillance of drug safety and assists continuous evaluation of cost-benefit and risks of pharmaceutical products during the drug life-cycle.

Pharmacovigilance department of Vira Rahesh Pharmed is in charge of supervising the drug monitoring activities. This department actively monitors safety of all Vira Rahesh Pharmed pharmaceutical products.

Our goal in Vira Rahesh Pharmed is optimizing the treatment by surveillance the efficacy and side
effects of drugs in order to support our patients.

Pharmaceutical care